Simon Kronenfeld: Best Performing Stocks on TSX in 2021

Simon Kronenfeld

Simon Kronenfeld knows a thing or two about different stocks across North America. Although there is less liquidity in Canada, there is still great potential to make healthy returns on the TSX. When you are about to invest in stocks, it’s important that you choose the companies that have the potential to survive under uncertain circumstances.

Simon Kronenfeld dwells upon three companies that are performing well on the TSX in 2021.

1. Goeasy Ltd: The first company on our list is Goeasy Ltd. Goeasy is among the top spots because the financial sector has been doing great. The company offers loans to people through their easyHome and easyFinancial divisions. Their prime goal is to offer non-prime leasing and lending services. They offer loans for furniture, electronics, and appliances.

Since the inception of the company, the company has issued around $5 billion in loans. It has been a great ride for them as they continue working to increase Canadian borrower's credit scores. They plan to do that with 60% of customers increasing their credit scores less than 12 months after borrowing. Even in the pandemic, the company’s stocks still provided excellent returns to their investors. Some even say that premium members got better returns. Goeasy has risen 210% since August 2020. Considering the overall economic conditions, it is definitely a good company to invest in, with potential for continued growth.

2. TFI International: TFI International was in the news at the start of the pandemic when their stock value crumbled a little, but they are back and have tripled off of those losses. For companies like TFI international, crumbling is temporary because they know how to get on the top.

TFI International is a trucking and logistics company, and it is a popular one in Canada with over 500 terminals across North America. This company covers major segments like Package and Courier, Truckload, and Logistics. They have more than 31,000 employees. The company also operates in the United States and its recent acquisition of UPS’s Less-Than-Truckload freight business turned out to be very transformational. Now, it is expected that 75% of their revenue will come from the US. There is more potential for growth in the United States. Simon sees continued growth and long term value here, although their stock price has grown 139% since August 2020.

Back in the day, the company struggled to increase its annual revenue, but it has become much more efficient after the acquisition. The company is on a new and better path and now their stock is looking good. With so much revenue coming from the US, it’s a good bet for buying stocks.

3. Shopify: Shopify doesn’t need an introduction because it is the most popular e-commerce marketing platform. Shopify is a software that allows anyone to set up an online store and sell their products. Shopify has streamlined the process and provides a payments platform as well.

Shopify has seen quite some success in the past several years. In a post-pandemic world, it is evident that the transition to online shopping and stores is rapidly evolving. Shopify will continue to grow as more people turn to purchasing their goods on the internet. Shopify has grown 32% in the last year and Simon believes that there is potential for their stock to continue growing.

Simon Kronenfeld is not only a businessman, he is also a business expert in today’s world. He founded the company Electronic Liquidators Inc. in 1999 and paving the way for many opportunities as he sold it and made his way into real estate. Now after 2 decades, Simon Kronenfeld is a real estate mastermind who plans to build luxury housing by the beach. If we think about what the driving force behind Simon Kronenfeld’s success has been, we can say that it is his self-motivation to do better.