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The Washington State Residential Care Council of Adult Family Homes (WSRCC) honors businesses through Affiliate Business Partnerships. The program is designed for those companies that share a genuine interest with WSRCC in promoting the quality of adult family home care and are dedicated to the success of this unique long term care profession. Affiliate businesses are proud to support programs and services that bring about improvement in long term care and help to create strategies to deal with a variety of profession-related issues including staffing shortages, Medicaid, nursing, education, pharmacy, regulatory issues, systems development, implementation and quality.

By partnering with WSRCC you will gain exposure for your business, strengthen your market position and build powerful alliances with leaders in the adult family home profession. WSRCC supports this constituency group by providing:

  • Critical and timely adult family home information
  • Key networking and member access opportunities
  • Member discounts and value added services
  • Involvement in advocacy and grassroots programs

WSRCC offers this worthwhile membership opportunity at a reasonable price of $650 per year.

All Affiliate Business Partners Receive:

  • Ad placement on the WSRCC website
  • 15% discount rates for advertising in The Voice and the WSRCC spring and/or fall conference program
  • 10% discount on trade show booth fees in the exhibit halls of the WSRCC annual spring and fall conferences
  • Copy of the WSRCC monthly publication The Voice, conveniently sent to your email inbox
  • Exclusive use of the Affiliate Business logo for letterhead, in advertising or in business correspondence to identify your partnership with WSRCC
  • Member price on all professional development products, programs and services including WSRCC educational opportunities
  • Exclusive opportunities to support WSRCC events through sponsorship to include advertising via lanyards, water bottles, conference bags, hotel keys, auction items, refreshment breaks, and much more!
  • Access to the chapters of WSRCC and their meetings around the state

If you are curious about how becoming a WSRCC Affiliate Business member can help your company develop business relationships with Adult Family Home Providers throughout Washington State, do not hesitate to contact us at the office 888-439-8999 or email Maria Chiechi, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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