New AFH Provider

Are you considering opening an adult family home?

Adult family homes are licensed and regulated by the Department of Social and Health Services. If you want to open an Adult Family Home (AFH) your first step is attending the orientation for prospective AFH providers. Classes are offered at six locations across the State of Washington: Register for an orientation class.

In this one-day required course you will learn about resident rights, and whether you are prepared to take on the responsibility of being an adult family home provider, and an overview of regulations and laws pertaining to adult family homes. You must take this course within one year of applying for licensing.

Once I have attended an orientation class, what is the next step toward becoming licensed?

You will need to complete and submit the application packet correctly, according to the instructions provided on the application.

The WSRCC also recommends reviewing “What You Need To Understand” Before Becoming A Licensed Adult Family Home Provider (Word)

What training is required to obtain an AFH license?

A comprehensive list of training requirements for adult family homes is available here.

How long does it take to become licensed?

There is no specific time frame for becoming licensed. It depends on how quickly the application is completed accurately and scheduling of the initial licensing visits.

AFH Building Codes & Inspections

You can view additional, detailed information on various topics related to AFH’s at

I am opening a second adult family home; what do I need to do?

Contact the Business Analysis & Applications Unit at (360) 725-2420.